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Roll of Honour - Kyu Grades Testing - October 2013


Kyu Grade Testing - October 2013

Congratulations & well done to all the students who passed their test recently in Bethnal Green, London. The following students achieved their next grade level.


November 2010 Black Belt Grading

Roll of Honour

Congratulations and well done to all who passed their grade testing on Saturday 20th November 2010.

Sixty students from across the five dojos in East London and Essex, were put through their paces in this three hour session. Students were tested on Kihon, Kata and Kumite. As well as, be able demonstrate an understanding on the core requirements of the syllabus; greatly emphasised for those who were attempting 3rd kyu and above.

The day ran smoothly, and the instructors on the independant panel present on the day were especially impressed with the high level of standard performed by those attempting kyu grades and Dan grades.

Special mention to Mahfoozur Rahman (who trains in Bow) for achieving his Junior Black Belt; shodan-ho.

September Grading - Roll of Honour

Well done and congratulations to all the Kyu grades who passed their grading today! Superb effort and well deserved!

Senior Ranks:

8th Kyu - Aaliya Irtizaali
8th Kyu - Joshua Narvades

Junior Ranks:

5th Kyu-ho - Sammi Roe
5th Kyu-ho - Zakki Roe
5th Kyu-ho - Mohammed Tosar

6th Kyu-ho - Yusuf Karim
6th Kyu-ho - Ayesha Karim

7th Kyu-ho - Marzena Kubicka
7th Kyu-ho - Louis Skelding
7th Kyu-ho - Alex D'Netto
7th Kyu-ho - Natalia Sousa Gallego
7th Kyu-ho - Lamake Henok
7th Kyu-ho - Azareel Bedoya

8th Kyu-ho - Redwan Hoque
8th Kyu-ho - Imran Hoque
8th Kyu-ho - Miraj Hoque
8th Kyu-ho - Usamah Shamim
8th Kyu-ho - Skye Davies
8th Kyu-ho - Niyaz Uddin
8th Kyu-ho - Inas Islam
8th Kyu-ho - Jolo Narvades
8th Kyu-ho - Steven Wood
8th Kyu-ho - Harry Johnson
8th Kyu-ho - Aaron Monte
8th Kyu-ho - Omar Miah
8th Kyu-ho - Billie Bodle

Black Belt Grading Nov 2009

Black Belt Grading

November 2009


The last club grading of the year was held on 29th November 2009 in Ilford, Essex, and was attended by students from dojos across East London and Essex. Kyu and Dan grades were attempted by many within Kaizen Ryu Karate, and watched by parents who came to support the day.

Well done and congratulations to all that passed!

Roll of Honour - Senior Ranks

Black Belt Grading

November Grading 08 (9)
29 Nov 2009 12:00
29 Nov 2009 15:00

Please speak to your instructor about attempting your next grade.


Grading will be held at:

Oaks Park High School

45 – 65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, IG2 7PQ



November Grading 08 (1)
26 Sep 2009 13:00
26 Sep 2009 15:00

Please speak to your instructor about attempting your next grade.

Grading will be held at:

The Garrett Centre

Mansford Street

Bethnal Green E3


November Grading 08 (14)
7 Jun 2009 13:30
7 Jun 2009 15:30

Please see your instructor about attempting your next grade.

Black Belt Grading Nov 08

BB grading nov 2008 008.jpg

This November's black belt grading saw a few more of the club's young members achieve their brown belts.

Well done and congratulations to Ashley Harris, Callum Gaughan, Rishi Patel and Morgan Davies.

The day also went well for the rest of those attempting their next grade, and we hoped that everyone got inspired from the black belt section of the class.