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Unique to Kaizen Ryu "Team Kaizen"

By Admin - Posted on 07 July 2011


Team Kaizen - Season 9

Hop on and get involved in this fun program that is unique to your club!

Nominated in 2010 at the Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year Award, as Junior Sports Team of the Year "for their outstanding achievements in karate".

So what's with all the hype?!...

Team Kaizen is an 8 session program open to any student training within Kaizen Ryu Karate; all ages and all grades, that's right...even white belts!

It's fun, it's exciting, it's challenging, it's demanding but most of all you will experience what it's like to be part of THE team!

This is your opportunity where you can learn new skills both physically and mentally to help prepare you for competition martial arts.

We will be training for regional and national competitions where you’ll be able to test your skills against other martial artists from around the UK.

Our coaching team have already achieved tremendous success with our current National Squad. Our “Yudansha” (National Squad) train regularly throughout the year just for competition and have put their skills to good use at tournaments around the World; including at the highest level of karate competition in Japan.

You will be learning directly from members of the Yudansha team, who will be sharing the techniques and strategies that have served them well over the years.

So how to become part of THE Team...

Team Kaizen runs for two seasons every year; Spring and Autumn. Watch out for flyers in class when the next season gets announced along with all the training and competition dates.

The club's charitable wing 'The Kaizen Academy for Sports Development' works hard at sourcing out funding for this program, and we have in the past provided spaces on this exciting program free of charge! However, if funds are limited, participants will be expected to pay a fee at the beginning of the program, which can work out to as little as £5 per class!

****SEASON NINE - is due to start on Sunday 1st February 2014 ****


***So what are you waiting for? Get your names down and register your interest! Email: ***