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By Admin - Posted on 27 October 2008

The journey to black belt and beyond is more than just a matter of learning a series of kata. The karateka must also develop skills and attributes to become completely rounded.

By the time a student reaches their Shodan, it is expected that they will have developed a deep understanding and practical usage of the following Core Requirements:

Atemi – Striking


Uke – Blocking


Dachi – Stances


Sabaki – Movement


Kihon – Basic technique


Kata – Kata


Jintai Kyusho – Weak areas of the body


Tanren – Conditioning


Zanshin – Awareness


Ability to learn new concepts


Mushin – Reaction without thought












Tegumi – Grappling


Kansetsu Waza – Joint locking


Ne-waza – Ground fighting


Pre-emptive striking

Entrance and exit techniques

Muchimi - sticky, heavy feeling

These Core Requirements dictate the content of the classes that the student trains in on a weekly basis. Over the years required to achieve Shodan and above, your instructor will ensure that you are proficient in all the areas of the Core Requirements.