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Welcome to the official site of Kaizen Ryu Karate Do.

Kaizen Ryu Karate Do is a family friendly karate club with a number of dojo in the East London and Essex areas. Our aim is to make karate accessible to the general public whilst keeping the etiquette and traditions strong.

We are a traditional club that draws kata and training methods from both the Goju and Shotokan schools. There is a strong emphasis on discipline and understanding of technique with the main focus of training being kihon (basic training) and kata, which lead instinctively to self defence training.

We teach all ages from 5 years old, right up to 65. We offer children's classes for boys and girls under 13 and all ages classes geared toward adults and children who take their training even more seriously.

Like all martial arts, there are a number of benefits that come with training at Kaizen Ryu Karate. These include improved fitness, a useful knowledge of self-defence, increased self-control and discipline, and self-respect.

Kumite Results of The Kaizen Cup Winter Championships 2017

Kumite Results Winter 2017.jpg

Congratulations to all that competed at the recent Kaizen Cup Winter Invitational Championships!

Thank you to all the coaches, officials, volunteers, spectators, supporting parents and competitors for a fantastic day of friendly yet competitive tournament.

Kata Results of The Kaizen Cup Winter Championship 2017

Kaizen Cup Kata Results Winter 2017

Congratulations to all that competed at the recent Kaizen Cup Winter Invitational Championships!

Thank you to all the coaches, officials, volunteers, spectators, supporting parents and competitors for a fantastic day of friendly yet competitive tournament.

Next Kaizen Cup will be on Sunday 1st July 2018, at the Jean Brown Indoor Arena, Redbridge Sports and Leisure Centre, Forest Road. Barkingside, Essex, IG6 3HD.

Summer Break 21 Aug to 3 Sept 2017

Dear members, 

The club will be closed for it's annual summer break between Monday 21st August until Sunday 3rd September. We hope you all have an enjoyable break, and we look forward to seeing you back in the dojo in a couple of weeks. 

This autumn, the following events will be taking place. 

The Kaizen Cup Championships - Sunday 1st October

Kyu grade testing - Sunday 8th October

Japanese Masters seminar with Seiichi Fujiwara 8th Dan - 20th to 22nd October (funding available, please speak to your instructor)

Halloween Special Fright Night - Saturday 28th October 

The Seiwakai Open International Championships - Sunday 5th November

Dan and kyu grade testing - Sunday 3rd December

Annual Awards - Sunday 10th December

Seiwakai International London Seminar 2015


Following in the Footsteps of the Masters


For the karate ka (or student) it doesn’t get any better than this - direct teaching from genuine Japanese karate masters.

Last weekend Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi, head of Sewakai International, and Satoru Takahashi Hanshi, both eighth dan karate masters, flew into the UK for literally three days to give their only European seminar this year at Bishop Douglass Secondary School in North London - a rare event that attracted students from as far away as Russia, Italy and Czechoslovakia.

Despite numerous language barriers among the students, all eyes were glued on these experts of Goju, a style of karate suited to close up fighting, as they put the two hundred attendees through their paces.

Introducing the new Member Card

member card draft1.jpg


Introducing the new Member Card unique to Kaizen Ryu Karate. This entry swipe-card allows you membership access to any of our locations across East London and Essex. As well as giving you access to all the other benefits of being a member, such as equipment discounts, access to special events; Gasshuku (summer training camp), Tournaments, Seminars, Judging and Refereeing Courses, Annual Awards, Black Belt classes, Team Kaizen Programs and other special classes. Being a member also entitles you access to a competition career and elite training through the National Squad.

With the new Member Card you can easily upgrade to Silver or Gold membership giving you further benefits such as up to 10% discount on equipment and special events.

It also provides a hassle free way of increasing or decreasing the number of classes you attend, by allowing you to do this straightaway at class. A convenient way to help prepare you for your next testing/grading by giving you the opportunity to attend extra classes when you need it.

Working with Schools across Tower Hamlets


Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation Partnership 2017-2018

"Providing outstanding opportunities and support for young people in Tower Hamlets to reach their potential, realise their ambitions and develop personally through sport."

We are pleased to announced that Kaizen Ryu Karate will continue to work closely with the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation to deliver a series of after-school programs across the borough schools starting this Autumn 2017.


This partnership will be a great opportunity for the club to be able to share it's vision and work with local and national partners who have similar aims for young people.

We wish the coaching team all the best on this new partnership. We also hope that the youngsters enjoy the many benefits of what martial arts has to offer.  

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