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Black Belt Grading Nov 2009

By Admin - Posted on 22 December 2009

Black Belt Grading

November 2009


The last club grading of the year was held on 29th November 2009 in Ilford, Essex, and was attended by students from dojos across East London and Essex. Kyu and Dan grades were attempted by many within Kaizen Ryu Karate, and watched by parents who came to support the day.

Well done and congratulations to all that passed!

Roll of Honour - Senior Ranks

Jasmine David Next grade
Chris Seth Next grade
Matthew David 3rd kyu
Conor Branton 3rd kyu
Zahir Razaq 4th Kyu
Martin Moran 4th Kyu
Thomas Padfield 4th Kyu
Raheel Iqbal 6th kyu
Rohail Ahmed 6th kyu
Lorraine Smith 7th kyu
James Hughes  7th kyu
Farah Shukla 8th kyu
Mehraj Ahmed 8th kyu
Usman Ahmed 8th kyu

Roll of Honour - Junior Ranks

Rosie Padfield Shodan
Rishi Patel 2nd kyu
Ashley Harris 2nd kyu
Morgan Davies 2nd kyu
Callum Gaughan 2nd kyu
Kayleigh Moran 3rd kyu
James Duran 4th kyu
Libaan Dirir 5th kyu
Sharmarke Dirir 5th kyu
Humza Iqbal 5th kyu
Umamah Yeasmin 5th kyu
Maisah Yeasmin 5th kyu
Jannah Yeasmin 5th kyu
Tahmid Alam 5th kyu
Rakhim Ullah 5th kyu
Zakki Roe 7th kyu
Sammi Roe 7th kyu
Michael Cummins 7th kyu
Nooruz Zaman 7th kyu
Yusuf Karim 8th kyu
Aisha Karim 8th kyu
Kyle Gaughan 8th kyu
Leah Quah 8th kyu