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November 2010 Black Belt Grading

By Admin - Posted on 22 November 2010

Roll of Honour

Congratulations and well done to all who passed their grade testing on Saturday 20th November 2010.

Sixty students from across the five dojos in East London and Essex, were put through their paces in this three hour session. Students were tested on Kihon, Kata and Kumite. As well as, be able demonstrate an understanding on the core requirements of the syllabus; greatly emphasised for those who were attempting 3rd kyu and above.

The day ran smoothly, and the instructors on the independant panel present on the day were especially impressed with the high level of standard performed by those attempting kyu grades and Dan grades.

Special mention to Mahfoozur Rahman (who trains in Bow) for achieving his Junior Black Belt; shodan-ho.

Emmie Brown (who trains in Dagenham) achieved her Nidan.

Finally, Marie Tanabalan Sensei passed the rank of Sandan.

Congratulations to everyone who passed!

All candidates were critically assessed independantly by a panel made up of high rank instructors from outside the club plus one from within it. On this occaision the assessment panel included Bill Martin Sensei (Jundokan), Richard Hang Hong Sensei (Seitou Ryu) and Indran Tanabalan (Kaizen Ryu).

ROLL of HONOUR - Junior Ranks

Shodan-ho; Mahfoozur Rahman

2nd kyu; Morgan Davies / Kayleigh Moran

3rd kyu; Connor Ifrim

4th kyu; Kai Went / Georgina Milner / Melissa Jeremy / Hamza Iqbal / JJ Moran

5th kyu; Ciara Coyle / Adam Burman / Leah Quah / Kevin Quah

6th kyu; Jabed Ahmed / Mantas Mickus / Keyur Patel / Nayan Gondolia

7th kyu; Aaron Monte / Zain Ahmed / Patryk Siutkowski / Daniella Russo / Rohan Thakker / Omar Miah

8th kyu; Zain Ali / Hamza Ali /Aaron Asuncion / Courtney Collins / Hamza Mohammed / Frances Doherty /Sajid Ahmed / Amaan Rashid / Mohammed Maahi
 / Hasan Khasif / Muhammed Hadi Zia / Kalix Waigo / Elijah Aderinola / Emily Clark / Isobel Munroe / Nathan Robel / Burak Altinsoy

ROLL of HONOUR - Senior Ranks

Sandan; Marie Tanabalan

Nidan; Emmie Brown

2nd kyu; Shaquille Adeyemi / Tom Cottis / Tyrone Briscoe / Luke Joslin

3rd kyu; Martin Moran

4th kyu; Jithin Selvaraj / Rosie Padfield / Lauren McAllister / Rian Branton

5th kyu; Raheel Iqbal / Rezaul Ahmed / Sadhi Miah / Ann Goff

6th kyu; Oliwia Siukowska / Famida Noor-Mahomed / Daniel Aiken

7th kyu; Hannah Daultrey

8th kyu; Jabir Zakaria / Keith Broad