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The Kaizen Cup Invitational Championships

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The Kaizen Cup Invitational is an established & popular tournament in the Southern England competition circuit, attracting top quality students from around the country to compete for the Kaizen Cup Trophy. 

Over the last 15 years the event has grown dramatically. It's a competitive, yet friendly and well run competition, using WKF rules. These bi-annual events are the perfect environment as a warm up for pre-international championships. As well as providing a competitive platform for beginners right through to black belts. With nearly 50 divisions to choose from, including veterans category, there is a category for all to test their skill against other karate ka from all backgrounds.

Tournaments are a spectacular event and often provide a good day out for families whilst showing their support for their love ones or friends. The facilities at Jean Brown are top notch, it was a newly and purposely built arena for the London 2012 Olympics. There is a cafe to get food and drinks from and has disable access provisions. 

For any enquiries and entry forms please contact the tournament organisers: or call 07743-764234.

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