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The Kaizen Cup Invitational Championships

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The Kaizen Cup Invitational is an established & popular tournament in the Southern England competition circuit, attracting top quality students from around the country to compete for the Kaizen Cup Trophy. 

Over the last 15 years the event has grown dramatically. It's a competitive, yet friendly and well run competition, using WKF rules. These bi-annual events are the perfect environment as a warm up for pre-international championships. As well as providing a competitive platform for beginners right through to black belts.

Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2012 - KUMITE RESULTS



5-7yrs 8th-7th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Alex Kaymakanov
  • GOLD : Alex Kaymakanov
  • SILVER :Jerald Benedict
  • BRONZE : Jessiah Addo

5-7yrs 6th-4th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Josh Davies
  • GOLD : Josh Davies
  • SILVER : Orion Chatterjee

8-10yrs 8th-6h kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Jorge Anderson
  • GOLD : Jorge Anderson
  • SILVER : Donika Atdhe
  • BRONZE : Shey Wilson

8-10yrs 5th-4th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Emma Ludkins
  • GOLD : Emma Ludkins
  • SILVER : Tommy Ludkins
  • BRONZE :  Tariq Saeed

8-10yrs 3rd kyu+

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Zakki Roe
  • GOLD : Zakki Roe
  • SILVER : Ciara Coyle

11-12yrs 8th-6th kyu

TKF National Championships 2011

TKF Nationals Poster_WEB.jpg
TKF National Championships
Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London. Sunday 30th October 2011
Come and test your skills againts karateka from around the country at this prestigious venue. Whether you prefer kata or kumite or even if you've never competed before, the Nationals is the perfect place to push and challenge yourself. Divisions for boys and girls, men and women from 6 years old right up to adult.

The Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2010

Kaizen Cup Winter 2010 poster.jpg
Divisional Heats & Winter Finals 2010

The Kaizen Cup is an exciting Invitational Karate Tournament bringing together top quality students from around the country.
This year over 200 competitors from clubs across Southern England came and competed in this two part tournament which is held annually.