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Kata Workshop & Kyu and Dan Grade Testing


Saturday 3rd December

Kata Workshop 2-3pm

Club Grading 3:30-5:30pm

1. The Kata Workshop (2-3pm) is open to all students including to those who are testing later on in the day. It's a great opportunity to hone your kata, either in preparation for you next testing or for upcoming competitions, or come along and learn a new kata!

Cost: £5 per student

2. Club Grading (3:30-5:30pm); please see your instructor if you are ready to test for your next grade. Only those who received a grading authorisation are allowed to test. Other students who are not testing are welcome to train in this class, and this would carry a training fee of £5.

Test Cost: £25 per student

Club Grading & Kata Workshop - Saturday 14th May 2011

14 May 2011 13:00
14 May 2011 17:00

Kata Workshop 1-2pm

Having trouble getting to grips with your grade kata? Would you like to learn new kata(s)? Have you got your sights set on your next grade?

This hour long class is specifically geared towards kata training. An opportuniy not to be missed, whether it's to polish up the kata(s) that you already know or challenge yourself to learning new ones.

Venue: Dagenham Park Leisure Centre, School Road, Dagenham RM10 9QH

Cost: £5 per person / free to Yudansha Squad members only

Kata workshop with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan


On Saturday 26th April, Sensei Dave Hazzard 7th Dan welcomed to his dojo keen kata enthusiasts from all sorts of background and clubs. Some of us were fortunate enough to train under this legendary shotokan practitioner, who was a former Kata Coach for the English National Squad.

In this packed out seminar held in Laindon, Essex, Sensei Dave Hazard took us through kata Jihon, and it’s applications to differing situations.

Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan - Kata Workshop

25 Apr 2009 13:15
26 Apr 2009 16:30

Outside event

This an opportunity for those of you who are kata enthusiast to train with one of the best shotokan karate instructor in the country.

This is a weekend event, giving you variety of kata workshop, you choose whether you want to go for one or two days. There's a 10% discount for those who want to attend two or more sessions.

The Schedule;

Saturday - Kumite Training (3rd kyu & above)          £12

             - Jihon (3rd kyu & above)                        £12