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The Kaizen Post 2016 Edition 1

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The Kaizen Post is back!

We have decided to revive your club's newsletter which reports on previous events as well as having a look at what's coming up for training opportunities and special stuff. It will also serves as a point of reference, as a student resource tool, as articles build up over the months to build and enhance your karate journey.

Happy reading! We hope you enjoy the issue.

May 2011 - NEWS UPDATE

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Team Kaizen - Season 3

Well done and Congratulations to Season 3's  Team Kaizen squad team;

Sammi Roe / Zakki Roe / Leah Quah / Kevin Quah / Chris Seth / Keith Broad / Natalia Sousa-Gallego / James Duran / Jacob Willmore / Jasmine David / Daniel Aiken / Marcio Sa Peixoto / Famida Noor Mahomed / Azareel Bedoya / Aaliya Irtizaali / Mantas Mickus / Georgina Milner

As the season draws to a close, here's how the team got on at the competitions...

... A whooping 24 podium places!

Kaizen Cup

Competition held at Dagenham Park School, Dagenham. The day saw the new Team Kaizen took an impressive 9 Golds, 3 Silvers and 7 Bronze Medals! 

The Kaizen Post - Issue 4 - June 2009

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NEW Kaizen Post out now!

Issue 4 - June 2009

Find out who we cornered this time in our interview! What the Squad and other members have been up to! Apparently they ran into Batman...... 

Plus a new 'puzzle' and more doses of Sensei Indy's bad jokes......!

**** thank you to all that contributed ****

The Kaizen Post - Spring Issue 3 March 2009

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The Kaizen Post Spring Issue 3 is OUT NOW!

News on the Munich International Open where the Kaizen Ryu National Squad picked up 14 trophies and 8 medals!

Also read about the Japan Karate Federation Seminars, Self-Defence Seminar Series, the Dojo Challenge...who won?! and much more!

Including an exclusive interview with.......

Issue 2 - February 2009 (download it now)

The Kaizen Post

Issue Two - February 2009

click to download!

The Kaizen Post - the official Club newsletter


The Kaizen Post

* the official Club newsletter *

Here it is at last! Keep up to date with the latest news at Kaizen Ryu. Something to read in your spare time or even at times when you don't have as much time to browse the internet, just click and download!


We want to say thank you to all the people who contibuted to the newsletter.

If anyone have any ideas to go on the next issue, then please feel free to e-mail us! 


News update!


Thank you to North English and his parents for the recent donations they made to The Kaizen Academy for Sports Development! We hoped that you enjoyed your Karate Party!