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News update!

By Admin - Posted on 22 October 2008


Thank you to North English and his parents for the recent donations they made to The Kaizen Academy for Sports Development! We hoped that you enjoyed your Karate Party!

We are looking to put this money towards sending one of the Sempai (assistant instructors) to get more qualified in teaching! So calling on all members of the club and parents, please e-mail us with your chosen Sempai (Tyrone, Vicky, Kim or Matthew) or just give your nomination to Sensei Marie in class! Now is your chance to make a difference! 

Last but not least, nominations are now also being collected for your chosen Jack Petchey Award winner. Please remember that this person does not need to be the best in the class, but someone whom you think have done good deeds in class or someone whom you think sets a good example, maybe even someone who has given time to help you for example in Kata and so on. Please put your nominations slip in the box provided in class.

Remember all monies collected will bump up the Academy's Kaizometer!