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AMA International Championships 2013: Yudansha off to a good start to the year


East London based karate club: Kaizen Ryu, sent a small group to Sheffield at the weekend (16-17th February 2013) to compete at the AMA International Championships, which was well attended by clubs across the country and from Europe.

Held over two days at the prestigious Ponds Forge venue, the tournament attracted over 400 competitors. Day one was the kata (pre arranged forms) competition. First one to pick up a medal for the day was young star and community role model Tyrone Briscoe Jnr, who placed Bronze in the 13-17yrs Boys Kata Goju Ryu. The ladies did well in their division too where Jasmine David and Gina Boot placed Silver and Bronze respectively in the  Women’s Goju Ryu Kata category, narrowly losing to an outstanding performance by the Romanian competitor. Indran Tanabalan picked up a Gold medal in his division Men’s Goju Ryu Kata. Indran’s kata: Seisan and Suparinpei, was just that bit more outstanding compared to his closest competitor, who also did the same kata in the preliminary round and finals.

Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2012 - Club Ranking

  Gold Silver Bronze Cup Winners Total
Kaizen Ryu Karate 14 13 4 14 45
Yamaguchi goju Kai

Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2012 - KATA RESULTS



5-7yrs 8th-7th kyu 

  • 2012 Kaizen Cup Champion: Alex Kaymakanov
  • GOLD : Alex Kaymakanov
  • SILVER :Trae Gulutu
  • BRONZE : Morgan Kelly

5-7yrs 6th-4th kyu

  • 2012 Kaizen Cup Champion: Josh Davies
  • GOLD : Josh Davies
  • SILVER : Sorana Alexandru
  • BRONZE : Callum Corbin

8-12yrs 8th-6th kyu

  • 2012 Kaizen Cup Champion: Ellie Edwards
  • GOLD : Ellie Edwards
  • SILVER: Ethan Buckley
  • BRONZE : Emma Westcott

8-12yrs 5th-4th kyu

  • 2012 Kaizen Cup Champion: Katie Nicholls
  • GOLD : Katie Nicholls
  • SILVER :Connor Frost
  • BRONZE :Zoe Nolan

8-12yrs 3rd-1st kyu

Kaizen Cup Spring Qualifier 2012 - KATA results

Spring Photo Collage_Kata_WEB.jpg



5-7yrs 8th-7th kyu 

  • GOLD : Sorana Alexandra
  • SILVER : Reece Pain
  • BRONZE : Orion Chatterjee

5-7yrs 6th-4th kyu

  • GOLD : Sumaiya Chowdhury
  • SILVER : Josh Davies
  • BRONZE : Andreas Mourton

8-12yrs 8th-6th kyu

  • GOLD : Katie Nicholls
  • SILVER: Emman Westcott
  • BRONZE : Ellie Edwards

8-12yrs 5th-4th kyu

  • GOLD : Ola Jedrzejczyk
  • SILVER : Burham Saeed
  • BRONZE : Conner Frost

8-12yrs 3rd-1st kyu

  • GOLD : Ola Jedrzejczyk
  • SILVER : Kevin Quah
  • BRONZE : Charlotte Stenning

8-12yrs shodan+

  • GOLD : Ola Jedrzejczyk
  • SILVER : Elisabetta Mainwaring




13-16yrs 8th-6th kyu

  • GOLD : David Hopkinson

13-16yrs 5th-4th kyu

Winter Finals Results KUMITE - Kaizen Cup 2011


Winter Finals Results KUMITE

Kaizen Cup

20th Nov. 2011



Junior Kumite Events


5-7yrs old (8th-7th Kyu)             Gold: Helena Chan (Yamaguchi Goju Kai)

The Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2010

Kaizen Cup Winter 2010 poster.jpg
Divisional Heats & Winter Finals 2010

The Kaizen Cup is an exciting Invitational Karate Tournament bringing together top quality students from around the country.
This year over 200 competitors from clubs across Southern England came and competed in this two part tournament which is held annually.

Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2009



**************** KATA ****************

Junior Kata Events


5-7yrs old (8th-5th Kyu)                 Gold: Kade Reynolds (CKA - Colchester Karate Academy)



Awesomeness! This is the new buzz word bounding around the karate world as the Kaizen Ryu National Squad goes from strength to strength. They recently returned back from this year’s Munich International Open with an impressive ten trophies after taking on oppositions from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and UK.

As the tournament season gets into gear, the Kaizen Team gets busy with training and takes on competitors at the Malympex European Championships; an all styles tournament attracting over 300 competitors from across Europe. Team Coach Tyrone Snr said “the whole squad pulled together and fought hard. Their support for each other is what makes them a successful team, walking away with a total of 17 trophies and European titles (10 Golds, 4 Silver & 3 Bronze). We are proud of their achievements, and there’s still a long road ahead.”  European titles were won by local Bow kids Molly Ullah and Tyrone Briscoe, Dagenham kids Vicky Phillips and Jack McAllister, and Gina Boot from Romford.