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Kata Workshop & Kyu and Dan Grade Testing


Saturday 3rd December

Kata Workshop 2-3pm

Club Grading 3:30-5:30pm

1. The Kata Workshop (2-3pm) is open to all students including to those who are testing later on in the day. It's a great opportunity to hone your kata, either in preparation for you next testing or for upcoming competitions, or come along and learn a new kata!

Cost: £5 per student

2. Club Grading (3:30-5:30pm); please see your instructor if you are ready to test for your next grade. Only those who received a grading authorisation are allowed to test. Other students who are not testing are welcome to train in this class, and this would carry a training fee of £5.

Test Cost: £25 per student

The Kaizen Post - Issue 4 - June 2009

WEB Issue 4 - June 2009_Page_1.jpg

NEW Kaizen Post out now!

Issue 4 - June 2009

Find out who we cornered this time in our interview! What the Squad and other members have been up to! Apparently they ran into Batman...... 

Plus a new 'puzzle' and more doses of Sensei Indy's bad jokes......!

**** thank you to all that contributed ****

Issue 2 - February 2009 (download it now)

The Kaizen Post

Issue Two - February 2009

click to download!