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Seitou Ryu Charity Tournament

By Admin - Posted on 18 September 2009

1 Nov 2009 09:00
1 Nov 2009 18:00
This year, Seitou Ryu Karate is opening it's Charity Tournament to a few select clubs in the Essex and East London area. This will be a fantastic opportunity for these clubs to get together and help raise money for a worthwhile cause.
At least 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the charity KIDSCAPE.

Kidscape is committed to keeping children safe from abuse. Kidscape is the first charity in the UK established specifically to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse. Kidscape believes that protecting children from harm is key.

Kidscape works UK-wide to provide individuals and organisations with practical skills and resources necessary to keep children safe from harm. The Kidscape staff equips vulnerable children with practical non-threatening knowledge and skills in how to keep themselves safe and reduce the likelihood of future harm.

Kidscape works with children and young people under the age of 16, their parents/carers, and those who work with them.

Kidscape offers:
• A Helpline offering support and advice to parents of bullied children
• Booklets, Literature, Posters, Training Guides, Educational Videos on bullying, child protection, and parenting
• National Comprehensive Training Programme on child safety & behaviour management issues
• Advice and Research
• Confidence Building Sessions for children who are bullied
Kidscape feels that this kind of work is vital given the frightening statistics that:

• Each year 10-14 youth suicides are directly attributed to bullying (The Home Office)
• Bullied children are 6 times more likely to contemplate suicide than their non-bullied counterparts
• 1 in 12 children are badly bullied to the point that it affects their education, relationships and even their prospects for jobs in later life
• 66% of paedophiles are known to the child

Entry packs are available in class or you can request one by contacting the organisers at or call Richard Gregory on 07899 827 476