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Martial Masters Seminar

By Admin - Posted on 18 September 2009

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27 Sep 2009 10:00
27 Sep 2009 17:30

Martial Masters Seminars

Sunday 27TH September

Oaks Park High School

45 – 65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, IG2 7PQ


Dramatically improve your skills!

Develop your karate for your next grade!

Learn from the husband and wife team who continue to teach and inspire Sensei Indy and Sensei Marie!

This autumn we are pleased to host Sensei Rod and Sensei Malwina Martin for their UK visit. These two exceptional practitioners are instrumental in the standards of karate around the world. Former kata and kumite champions, they are held in high regard by the top instructors in Japan. Don’t miss this chance to be taught by the people who teach your instructors!

  1. 10am – 12noon  “Advanced Kata” FOR ALL GRADES   - £15 EACH

Learn and explore advanced kata from both the schools of Shotokan and Goju. Both Rod Sensei & Mal Sensei are renowned for the standard of their technique; here is your chance to learn from the best! 

  1. 12:30pm –3pm  “Practical fight techniques” FOR ALL GRADES - £15 EACH

This class will look at kumite strategies and sparring skill sets that will improve your karate and give you a better understanding of your own technique. Apply your skills and develop your talent.

  1. 3:30pm – 5:30pm  “High Grades” BROWN AND BLACK BELTS       - £10 EACH

A bonus class for high grade students to propel them into the highest echelons!

Seminar 1 + 2                                           = £25

All three                                                    = £35

Please contact us to download a booking form, or alternatively please call 07743-764234.