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JKF European Seminars 2009

By Admin - Posted on 03 April 2009


A small group of our brown and black belts were invited to train at this year’s UK leg of the Japan Karate Federation’s (JKF) Goju Masters European seminar series.

Over 200 dan grades from England, Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Poland were privileged to train under Hanshi Kesakatsu Kiyohara and Hanshi Seiichi Fujiwara in Finchley learning directly from two of the technical committee in the JKF Gojukai.

The 4 day training seminar flew by in spite of the fact that we were training for 18 hours! Kiyohara Hanshi and Fujiwara Hanshi (both 8th dan, the highest grade allowed by the JKF around the world) covered the most important kata being looked at in Japan this year; the compulsory tournament kata for low and high grades as well as the important kata for specific grade levels.

The most important thing that our students got out of the weekend is the level of detail the instructors went in to. It’s detail, upon detail, upon detail, upon detail. Upon detail. With some more detail. An excellent weekend’s training and we’re looking forward to next year!