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Self Defence Masterclass Seminar Weekend

By Admin - Posted on 08 January 2009

28 Feb 2009 11:00
28 Feb 2009 18:00
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An event not to be missed!

A rare opportunity to train with the man responsible for the karate of thousands of students in the UK and Australia.

Sensei Rod Martin currently holds the rank of 4th Dan black belt in both the JKF and EKF, he is instrumental in the quality of karate around the globe as an international grading examiner and senior instructor.


Saturday's Seminar: South London

 Hosted by Kiwaminaki Kai

Cator Park Sports Centre, Lennard Road, Beckenhan, BR3 1QR

11am - 12:30pm "Kids Olympics" FOR ALL GRADES -

this class will be geared towards children and beginners where we will be covering katas Gekisai Ichi and Ni and basics, along with a Kids Olympics. 

2pm -4pm "Goju Masterclass" FOR ALL GRADES -

this class will explore the Goju katas in greater depth. Sensei Rod has a lot he wants to cover in this great seminar.

4:30pm - 6pm "Continuing the journey" FOR BROWN & BLACK BELTS -

this class will cover higher grade katas and more

You will also get the opportunity to train and meet students from Kiwaminaki Kai, Ho Shin Do Karate and Seitou Ryu Karate.


Download booking form now!

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Once you've selected the seminars you want to attend please bring in to class along with your fee.

Or if you're from another club, please contact us to book your place.

Remember places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

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