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All summer long!

By webmaster - Posted on 15 October 2008

Joint Gasshuku 2008

That's right! All summer long this year, the weeks were packed with events in between resting and recovery time!


Rod sensei's visit started off the summer with his whirlwind of seminars in Manchester, London and Essex. An invaluable experience for those who were fortunate enough to be taught by him. Rod sensei's visit culminated to the first joint Gasshuku with other Karate clubs. All coming together for the same reasons, to train and have fun!

Read all about Rod sensei's visit in the new Hoshin Do newsletter (where Sensei Marie makes a guest appearance as a contributor!)

Black Belt Grading

For some students at Kazien Ryu, the Gasshuku was more than about training, meeting people and having fun. It was also a pivoting point in their Karate training. A milestone. Achieving Shodan, black belt!

So we at Kaizen Ryu would like to extend a huge congratulations to; Vicky Phillips, Bella Ursell, Daniel Smart, Luke Joslin and Conor Branton! Well done guys!

Demonstration Class

This inspiring start was followed by an equally inspirational class of plain clothes self defence. Attended by a mature group the class was able to focus on some knife defence, body positioning and some even had a go at board breaking!

Summer Fun Day

Alas the summer finishes on the ultimate show down of skills! The Waterfight! This year the Sensei Team did themselves proud and got the tally to 3 all. We like to think that it was the hard work in the dojo, perfecting those Rambo moves that beat the Kids Team but it was probably the bigger guns we had that delivered made up the winning formula!

As the summer drew to a close, everyone tucked into the b-b-q and plans were already being hatch.....the Kids' Team 2009 come back!