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Junior Ranks

By webmaster - Posted on 28 August 2008

The junior ranks are for students aged between five and twelve years.

Their belt colours are the same as for the senior's, but are differentiated by having a white ribbon sewn as a stripe near the undecorated end of the belt.

Belt Rank Kata for grading to this rank
white belt 10th. Kyu-ho  
white belt with yellow tip 9th. Kyu-ho  
yellow belt with white tip 8th Kyu-ho N/A
orange belt with white tip 7th. Kyu-ho Taigyoku Shodan
green belt with white tip 6th. Kyu-ho Taigyoku Nidan
blue belt with white tip 5th. Kyu-ho Heian Shodan
red belt with white tip 4th. Kyu-ho Heian Godan
brown belt with white tip 3rd. Kyu-ho Saifa
brown belt with black and white ribbons 2nd. Kyu-ho Saifa
brown belt with two black and one white ribbon 1st. Kyu-ho Bassai Dai
black belt with white tip Shodan-ho Bassai Dai and Sanchin