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Christopher Seth

By Admin - Posted on 18 September 2009

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Christopher Seth


After attending the Kaizen Cup Spring qualifier in 2008 to watch my daughter compete in her kata event, I found myself drawn to the passion I had as a teenager which was not fulfilled.  At the age of 37 and with my family's blessing, I joined Kaizen Ryu karate two months after quitting smoking, with epilepsy and dodgy knees. 
I had no expectations and was in desperate need to restore my health.  I found the training incredibly challenging, particularly with the seniors and the youngsters would run rings around me.  The affects of smoking left me with asthma but I still persisted with my training under two incredibly brilliant instructors.  During 2009, I was honored to be asked to join the Kaizen Ryu Instructor Training programme, which I have enjoyed tremendously since.  Teaching has helped me to understand karate technique better and the thrill of developing my own students has been fantastic. 
At the age of 40, I am still enjoying my training and really benefit from the variety of events throughout the year.  Getting the chance to train directly by JKF Master Fujiwara Hanshi was inspirational and left me wanting more.  Despite a few injured knuckles, bruised ribs and back ache, karate has made me stronger, both physically and mentally.

Training History

2008 Started training with Kaizen Ryu Karate Do in Ilford.

2009 Promoted to Instructor within Kaizen Ryu Karate Do.

2010 Became a member of the Japan Karate Federation Gojukai

2010 Attended the JKF Masters UK Kata Seminar under Kesakatsu Kiyohara Hanshi and Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi

2011 Joined Team Kaizen

Continues to train in Senior Class 


Achievements to date

2008 1st place Kata Kaizen Cup Spring Qualifier (5th-6th Kyu adult division)

2008 3rd place Kata Kaizen Cup Spring Qualifier (adult open division)

2009 2nd place Team Kumite Kaizen Cup

2009 2nd place Team Kata Kaizen Cup Winter Finals

2010 2nd place Team Kumite Kaizen Cup Winter Finals



CRB Checked (enhanced disclosure)

Instructor Indemnity

Level 2 instructor

Appointed Persons First Aid 2009

Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2009

Equity in you Coaching 2009

Coaching Children and Young People 2009


Recognitions to date

2008 Oustanding Contributions Award (Kaizen Ryu Karate)

2008 Best Newcomer - Kaizen Ryu Karate

2009 Kaizen Academy Award

2009 Instructor Award - Black Belt International Awards Bradford

2009 Voluntary Commitment Award - Canary Wharf Group PLC

2010 Jack Petchey Foundation Leader Award

2010 Senior Student of the Year - Kaizen Ryu Karate