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The Kaizen Cup - Spring 2017 RESULTS

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Congratulations and well done to all the competitors who competed in the Kaizen Cup Spring Championships.

The day was a competitive, friendly and a fun way of testing their skills against some of the very best karate ka around the country. The Kaizen Cup is one of the established & popular tournament in the Southern England competition circuit, attracting top quality students from around the country to compete for the Kaizen Cup Trophy.

We hoped that whether you won or lost, you all had an enjoyable day and learned a lot from your experience. These events are made possible by the team of volunteers who work together tirelessly behind the scenes and all the officials, judges and referees who gave up their day. As well as, all the competitors and their supportive coaches, family and friends. Thank you, it has been another successful Kaizen Cup this year and even better, by finishing earlier than scheduled.

Malympex Europeans

18 Apr 2009 09:00
18 Apr 2009 18:00

This will be held at the Stoke Mandiville Stadium, Guttman Way, Aylesbury, HP21 9PP.

Hosted by Black Belt International

See your local instructor for details in class or

contact us

Team Kaizen don't do badly at all...

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The Kaizen Ryu National Squad picked up 9 Gold Medals from the 6 representing squad members at today's Malympex World Championships in Stoke Mandeville Stadium! Notable performances came from all our competitors.

Molly Ullah totally dominated her kumite and convincingly beat her opponenets in kata, with Bassai Dai, to 2 first places.