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We are OPEN! - January 2020 Winter Term resumes

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We are back in the dojo!

Starting Tuesday 7th January 2020, all classes resumes.

We hope everyone has had a brilliant summer break, and are feeling fresh, re-energised and ready to hit the dojo floor!

What is happening this Winter?

1. Saturday 11th Jan  - Team Kaizen (1-3pm) and Yudansha Training (1-4pm) resumes 

2.Saturday 18th Jan - *new* Japanese Beginners Language Course starts for 6 weeks (12noon - 1pm at the Bethnal Green Dojo)

3. 1st Feb - Dojo Challenge

4. Special Sport Kumite Seminar with Italian coach Francesco Marongui 

5. 14th March - Club Testing for kyu grades

6. 16th - 22nd March - Mums go for free week! 

7. 5th April - International Competition in Sardinia Italy. Open to all members.

8. 10th - 12th April - Good Friday Weekend Closure