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Training Fees

Unlimited Training Pass for ALL members

Introducing the £30 Unlimited Training Pass as of 1st March 2016. The new service and price structure means that all students will be allowed and encouraged to train in as many classes as possible throughout the week. The many students who already do this improve so dramatically compared to those who only attend one time per week that it would be negligent for us not to offer this kind of training to all students. This is the best change we can implement to further improve the services we offer to you. Your current payments will change automatically from the 1st March so you do not need to worry about filling out any extra paperwork. You can find the current timetable in the 'Class Times' tab on the website, and you should be able to find not only extra evening or weekend sessions you can do but also extra classes on the same evening or weekend that you currently do. ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME IN ALL CLASSES.

Important Changes - Introducing the Discount Training Pass (DTP)

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 Introducing the

Discount Training Pass

Discount Training Pass

Unlimited Training Pass

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Training Guidelines

In order to improve at an acceptable rate all students should be completing at least 2 hours of training per week. This can be done on the same day by doing 2 classes in one evening or weekend.

Students completing 3 or 4 hours of training per week impove very well. Those who train for 6 or more hours per week show exceptional improvement.

Lower grade students (white to green belt) should not do the 3rd class of an evening as these are aimed at the older and most advanced students.

Please speak to your instructor to see how you can make the most of the fantastic regular training sessions we run throughout the week.

If in the unfortunate event you decide that you can no longer continue training, you can cancel your direct debit with 2 month’s notice in writing.