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Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2012 - KUMITE RESULTS



5-7yrs 8th-7th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Alex Kaymakanov
  • GOLD : Alex Kaymakanov
  • SILVER :Jerald Benedict
  • BRONZE : Jessiah Addo

5-7yrs 6th-4th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Josh Davies
  • GOLD : Josh Davies
  • SILVER : Orion Chatterjee

8-10yrs 8th-6h kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Jorge Anderson
  • GOLD : Jorge Anderson
  • SILVER : Donika Atdhe
  • BRONZE : Shey Wilson

8-10yrs 5th-4th kyu

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Emma Ludkins
  • GOLD : Emma Ludkins
  • SILVER : Tommy Ludkins
  • BRONZE :  Tariq Saeed

8-10yrs 3rd kyu+

  • Kaizen Cup Champion 2012: Zakki Roe
  • GOLD : Zakki Roe
  • SILVER : Ciara Coyle

11-12yrs 8th-6th kyu

Yamaguchi Goju Kai Junior Kumite Competition

february 2011_news update_WEB.jpg

Yamaguchi Goju Kai Competition

On Sunday 20th February, two Yudansha squad members and their team of coaches and family, headed off to the Yamaguchi Goju Kai tournament in Grays, Essex. 

This competition was a junior kumite only tournament, and both kumite fighters; Tyrone Briscoe and Gina Boot were able to represent the club at this event. Gina made her debut for the first time at this competition, entering the girls 3rd kyu above + 40Kg division against some very talented kumite fighters. 

Despite the long wait the pair stayed focused and by 3pm they were on the mat.

The Yudansha - Kaizen Ryu Karate Elite National Squad


The Kaizen Ryu National Squad was formed in October 2006. It's squad members train regularly on top of their regular training schedule and have come on a long way since then.

They have competed at Club, National and International Level. From Crystal Palace, to Kent, Essex, Aylesbury, Manchester, Germany and even to Japan.

Their efforts and passion for the sport in and out of the competition arena has recently been getting noticed by top people and getting results at top level. Incredible achievements from young people who are rapidly becoming positive role models in their communities.

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