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black belt grading

Black Belt Grading Nov 08

BB grading nov 2008 008.jpg

This November's black belt grading saw a few more of the club's young members achieve their brown belts.

Well done and congratulations to Ashley Harris, Callum Gaughan, Rishi Patel and Morgan Davies.

The day also went well for the rest of those attempting their next grade, and we hoped that everyone got inspired from the black belt section of the class.

All summer long!

Joint Gasshuku 2008

That's right! All summer long this year, the weeks were packed with events in between resting and recovery time!


Rod sensei's visit started off the summer with his whirlwind of seminars in Manchester, London and Essex. An invaluable experience for those who were fortunate enough to be taught by him. Rod sensei's visit culminated to the first joint Gasshuku with other Karate clubs. All coming together for the same reasons, to train and have fun!