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The Kaizen Post 2016 Edition 1

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The Kaizen Post is back!

We have decided to revive your club's newsletter which reports on previous events as well as having a look at what's coming up for training opportunities and special stuff. It will also serves as a point of reference, as a student resource tool, as articles build up over the months to build and enhance your karate journey.

Happy reading! We hope you enjoy the issue.

*** new *** The Kaizen Post - official club newsletter - Issue 8


*** new Kaizen Post ***

The Official Club Newsletter - Edition 8 - January 2011

It's free and it's here! Check out your inbox for the latest issue of The Kaizen Post!

It's packed full of news and reviews from recent events in and out of the club.

Reviews from the summer Gasshuku to Fujiwara and Kiyohara Sensei's visit in the UK... to results and behind the scenes from the World Championships!

Find out how Team Kaizen got on last season, plus there's plenty of fun stuff to get your mind in a muddle!

Issue 5 September 2009 - download it for free

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The Kaizen Post

Issue 5 - September 2009 + Japan Special Edition


It's here and it's free! Download the club's latest official newsletter.

Edition includes;  

* the unforgettable joint Gasshuku in Mersea Island

The Kaizen Post - Issue 4 - June 2009

WEB Issue 4 - June 2009_Page_1.jpg

NEW Kaizen Post out now!

Issue 4 - June 2009

Find out who we cornered this time in our interview! What the Squad and other members have been up to! Apparently they ran into Batman...... 

Plus a new 'puzzle' and more doses of Sensei Indy's bad jokes......!

**** thank you to all that contributed ****