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The Kaizen Cup - Spring 2017 RESULTS

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Congratulations and well done to all the competitors who competed in the Kaizen Cup Spring Championships.

The day was a competitive, friendly and a fun way of testing their skills against some of the very best karate ka around the country. The Kaizen Cup is one of the established & popular tournament in the Southern England competition circuit, attracting top quality students from around the country to compete for the Kaizen Cup Trophy.

We hoped that whether you won or lost, you all had an enjoyable day and learned a lot from your experience. These events are made possible by the team of volunteers who work together tirelessly behind the scenes and all the officials, judges and referees who gave up their day. As well as, all the competitors and their supportive coaches, family and friends. Thank you, it has been another successful Kaizen Cup this year and even better, by finishing earlier than scheduled.

Winter Finals Results KUMITE - Kaizen Cup 2011


Winter Finals Results KUMITE

Kaizen Cup

20th Nov. 2011



Junior Kumite Events


5-7yrs old (8th-7th Kyu)             Gold: Helena Chan (Yamaguchi Goju Kai)

Yamaguchi Goju Kai Junior Kumite Competition

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Yamaguchi Goju Kai Competition

On Sunday 20th February, two Yudansha squad members and their team of coaches and family, headed off to the Yamaguchi Goju Kai tournament in Grays, Essex. 

This competition was a junior kumite only tournament, and both kumite fighters; Tyrone Briscoe and Gina Boot were able to represent the club at this event. Gina made her debut for the first time at this competition, entering the girls 3rd kyu above + 40Kg division against some very talented kumite fighters. 

Despite the long wait the pair stayed focused and by 3pm they were on the mat.

Kaizen Cup Winter Finals 2009



**************** KATA ****************

Junior Kata Events


5-7yrs old (8th-5th Kyu)                 Gold: Kade Reynolds (CKA - Colchester Karate Academy)

100 Round Kumite

25 Oct 2009 13:30
25 Oct 2009 17:00

A non contact sparring class, designed to take your kumite skills to the next level.

Yes, 100 good can your kumite get?

A fun class to test your skills and your fitness!


Oaks Park High School

45-65 Oaks Lane



12:30 - 3:30pm

Only £10 per person

Open to all martial arts students regardless of associations and grade.

Team Kaizen don't do badly at all...

malympex blog entry.jpg

The Kaizen Ryu National Squad picked up 9 Gold Medals from the 6 representing squad members at today's Malympex World Championships in Stoke Mandeville Stadium! Notable performances came from all our competitors.

Molly Ullah totally dominated her kumite and convincingly beat her opponenets in kata, with Bassai Dai, to 2 first places.