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British Lions do their country proud!


March 2009 saw Team Kaizen head off to Germany for the Munich International Open and the Malympex City Challenge. Eight squad members; Rishi Patel, Molly Ullah, Gina Boot, Daniel Smart, Tyrone Briscoe, Marie Anonuevo and Indran Tanabalan, were joined with family members on their way to the Championship.

Kaizen Ryu kids do their club proud...

A small contingent of eight competitors from Kaizen Ryu National Squad took on opposition from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and the rest of the UK in this year’s Munich European Open Martial Arts Competition.

The Munich International Open

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7 Mar 2009 08:00
8 Mar 2009 20:00

The Kaizen Ryu National Squad has been invited back to this year's Malympex 2009 International Open Tournament.

This event will be held at the Kulturzentrum Trudering venue in Munich, Germany. Hosted by Black Belt International and Self Defense Germany.

This weekend long event kick starts with a series of seminars by renowned Martial Artists from around the world.

Special Guests include:

Hollywod Action Star - Karen Sheperd (USA)

Freestyle - Emma Elmes (UK)

Brithai - Paul Griffin - (UK)