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Important Changes - Introducing the Discount Training Pass (DTP)

By Admin - Posted on 24 September 2009

                                                                                                              “Making things easier for you

Improving your karate faster

Saving you money”

Important New Information!

 Introducing the

Discount Training Pass

 So what’s it all about?

Simply put, train to black belt and beyond for as little as £4.44 a week!

As your instructors we are always looking for ways to improve your karate and make training as hassle-free as possible. The Discount Training Pass (DTP) will allow you to train as flexibly as you want while saving you 10 weeks worth of training every year!

What we are doing for all of the students training in the club is changing the way training fees are paid for classes. Currently, everyone who trains pays cash or a cheque when they turn up to class. This can be inconvenient; especially (as we’ve all done!) if you have left for class without the right amount of money.

The new scheme would mean that this would never become an issue as training fees would be paid directly via standing order each month.

We also understand that students can miss the odd class, through illness or holiday for example, and that different students train more often or less often than others. It would be unfair to charge two students the same amount if one could only train once a week and the other trains more often.

At a glance

We will have 3 schemes available which you can choose from, Bronze, Silver and Gold:


Standing order per month

Training allowance

National Squad Training and Senior Class

Equipment discount

Special events



Once per week






Twice per week

50% discount

5% discount

5% discount



Unlimited training

50% discount

10% discount


The Details

We have looked at training patterns for students over the past 8 years and have determined that, on average, students train for around 42 weeks a year.

So, to take into account that you might miss a class or two or go on holiday and that the club shuts for 4 weeks a year, we have worked out the monthly amounts on 42 weeks a year, not 52.

Example: Training once a week

£5.50 X 42 weeks a year = £231 = £19.25 a month = £4.44 a week

We want to give all students the opportunity to prepare for the changeover, so we are going to have the paperwork ready in classes and will expect everyone to make the change by:

Saturday 31st October 2009

We are sure you’ll want to take advantage of the program and start saving money as soon as possible. So, you are welcome to make the change whenever you’re ready as long as it is done by the deadline date. All you will need to do is bring your first month’s fee with you to class and fill out the simple contract, including the standing order mandate.

As you will have noticed, if you decide you want to increase your training you also receive additional benefits with up to 10% off training equipment and ALL special events (including tournaments and the summer training camp!) as well as ½ price training if you have been invited to train with the National Squad or the Senior Class.

If in the unfortunate event you decide that you can no longer continue training, you can cancel your standing order with 2 month’s notice with a simple phone call.

The Benefits

  • Paying for classes becomes easier
  • Saves you money
  • You decide which plan suits you best
  • Flexible, you can upgrade at any time
  • Improve your karate massively by attending more classes
  • Get further discounts on the things you already get (equipment and special events) on Silver and Gold schemes
  • No hassle to bring money to class


Thank you for your time and attention and we are happy to answer any of your questions in class or you can call us, 07743 764234, or even email us,

Yours in karate

The Sensei Team