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Issue 5 September 2009 - download it for free

By Admin - Posted on 09 September 2009

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The Kaizen Post

Issue 5 - September 2009 + Japan Special Edition


It's here and it's free! Download the club's latest official newsletter.

Edition includes;  

* the unforgettable joint Gasshuku in Mersea Island

* the Jack Petchey glitzy awards & winners

* find out which leading organisation is supporting the national squad, and who is the new addition to the team?

* and of course in this issue is the special edition of the Japan Training Diary, find out how your instructors got on with their 2week training in Japan!

* lastly there's the 'colour in' sheet of one of Japan's famous MANGA characters - print, colour in, cut and assemble, and bring in to your class; you never know you might win a prize for 'best Manga monster'!.......adults can play too!

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