Rian Branton

By Admin - Posted on 02 July 2009

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Rian Branton

Training History

2004 Started training at Kaizen Ryu Karate in Romford

2009 Achieved the rank of Shodan-Ho under Rod Martin Sensei


Achievements to date


  • 4th Place Kumite 2007 S-Factor Euorpean Championship •Silver 2007 S-Factor World Championship Qualifier, Kata boys 6-11yrs


  • 5th Place Kata Munich vs. London City Challenge
  • 1st Place Team Kata 2008 Kaizen Cup Spring Qualifier 5-12yrs All grades
  • 2nd Place Kata Malympex World Championship 9-11yrs Boys (April) 

Recognitions to date

2006 Dojo Award Romford

2008 Best Etiquette

2006 - 2008 Squad Member