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Karate Party!

By Admin - Posted on 20 October 2008


Want to do something different for your child's brithday?

Does your child have friends that would benefit from doing karate?

Do you speak to parents who want their children to do karate but are unsure what to do?


The Karate Party is here for you!


The format:

At either the Romford or Bethnal Green Dojo on a Saturday, we can run an hour long karate session of kid's karate games and fun excercises. We then have the hall for a further hour where the parents can organise food and drinks for the kids.

None of your child's friends need to have done karate before and they should wear tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts.

So we provide the hall and the activities and we'll need you to provide the party food. And the kids!


The details:

We require £30 for the session and this needs to be paid on the day to cover the cost of the hall.

For one day's insurance cover we'll need £1 per non-member (i.e. your child's friends) that we will be training. Other parents will not need to pay this as they are not training. We are also only able to teach children from 5 year old for insurance reasons.

After this, we would kindly ask for donations to be made to the Kaizen Academy for Sports Development. As you know, we further invest this money for the benefit of all within the club (see separate page for the Academy).

We would run the party from 12:30pm to 2:30pm, karate in the first hour and the more conventional party after.

We give each kids a certificate as a momento and a letter to take to their parents explaining what they would need to do if they wanted their child to continue karate with us.


If your child enjoys karate and you would like to do something a little different, then just contact us or speak to your instructor in class.