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Munich Hall of Fame 2009

By Admin - Posted on 27 March 2009

Recognition for karate champions

Representatives from the Kaizen Ryu National Squad were inducted into the Munich Hall of Fame at this weekend’s (7th March 2009) “BBI and Self-Defense Germany Hall of Honour and Spirit” awards.

Bow’s 10 year old Molly Ullah received the ‘Junior Fighter of the Year’ award for her outstanding bravery in the ring. Tyrone Briscoe (14 and junior black belt), who trains with Molly in Bow, accepted the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts’.

Romford’s Gina Boot (11) was jubilant with her ‘Student of the Year’ award; a fitting tribute to the way she has applied herself this year to earn her junior black belt and become a role model for her peers.

Dagenham’s Daniel Smart, who is 14, earned his junior black belt last year and was honoured with the ‘Black Belt of the Year’ prize.

The coaching team of Tyrone Briscoe Senior, Indran Tanabalan and Marie Anonuevo were also singled out.

Briscoe Snr was acknowledged for his ‘Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts’ for his commitment to training and teaching since the early 80’s. Since turning 50 this year he has concentrated his activities in coaching the National Squad and fundraising and gaining exposure for the young athletes.

Anonuevo was awarded for her ‘Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts’. Marie has given herself over to training and teaching in the community since 1999. She is currently looking forward with Indran for their training trip to Japan this summer where they’ll be learning from the top Japanese instructors in Omagari and Nagoya before competing at the 35th JKF Goju World Karate Championships in a packed fortnight.

Indran got the ‘Outstanding Achievement in the Martial Arts’. Tanabalan was also privileged to gain honorary membership to both the ‘Sankaku Ryu Ju-Jitsu Academy and Martial Art Alliance’ and the ‘International Police Training System’ for his work in teaching martial arts. These bodies are officially recognised by a number of international martial arts organizations including the “All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation” and the “International Federation of Martial Arts & Oriental Medicine” and represent a fitting tribute to the years of dedication he has put in to teaching and training.

If you want to follow the progress of the team please look up the squad’s Facebook Fanpage (Kaizen Ryu National Squad).