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British Lions do their country proud!

By Admin - Posted on 27 March 2009


March 2009 saw Team Kaizen head off to Germany for the Munich International Open and the Malympex City Challenge. Eight squad members; Rishi Patel, Molly Ullah, Gina Boot, Daniel Smart, Tyrone Briscoe, Marie Anonuevo and Indran Tanabalan, were joined with family members on their way to the Championship.

Kaizen Ryu kids do their club proud...

A small contingent of eight competitors from Kaizen Ryu National Squad took on opposition from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and the rest of the UK in this year’s Munich European Open Martial Arts Competition.

In a hectic and hard fought competition, the squad picked up an impressive nine 1st – 3rd places in forms, breaking and point fighting. Bow’s Molly Ullah (10) picked up gold in point fighting, 4th place in forms and 3rd place in board breaking.  Like all of the junior squad members who tried it out, this would be the first occasion she ever attempted to break a piece of wood. Also from Bow, 13 year old Tyrone Briscoe had to compete in the under 18’s division and achieved an amazing 3rd place in point fighting, 4th place in forms and 5th place in breaking.

Ilford’s 9 year old Rishi Patel, who is known as “El Nino” because of his small stature, excelled to gain a 4th place in forms and an amazing 4th place in board breaking.  Also from Ilford, 11 year old Bella Ursell picked up two 2nd places in point fighting and “rumble fighting” and a further 3rd place in forms.

Dagenham’s Daniel Smart (14) picked up a silver medal in point fighting and 6th place in forms. He put in an impressive display considering he had to compete in the under 18’s division.

Romford’s Gina Boot (11) picked up three 4th places in forms, point fighting and breaking.

Their coaches also participated in the two day competition. Marie Anonuevo scored an impressive 1st place in forms and 2nd place in point fighting; losing out in the final by a slim margin, as well as a 5th place in board breaking (the only woman in the division). Indran Tanabalan came 2nd in forms, 4th in board breaking and together they picked up bronze in the team forms division along with Richard Gregory (Seitou Ryu Karate).

Anonuevo, who teaches at Tudor Lodge on Bromley High Street, was encouraged by her team’s performance adding “the kids have really worked hard for this competition and it’s great to see their efforts and self belief are rewarded in the competition arena.  As Coaches we can only encourage them to do their best and support them in their journey.”

The whole team performed with passion and commitment, humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Unexpectedly Harald Folladori of the World Kickboxing Alliance Austria singled out the National Squad from all of the competitors present with honorary membership to the WKA saying “your competitors fight with heart and are a credit to your country”. This was indeed high praise and a fitting tribute to the rising stars.

If you want to follow the progress of the team please look up the squad’s Facebook Fanpage (Kaizen Ryu National Squad).