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Self Defence Masterclass Seminar Weekend Part 2

By Admin - Posted on 19 December 2008

1 Mar 2009 10:00
1 Mar 2009 18:00

Part Two

of the most important seminar series of the year!

Sunday 1st March: East London/Essex

Oaks Park High School

45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, IG2 7PQ

10am - 12noon "Harness your combat ability" FOR ALL GRADES -

this class will cover sparring skill sets giving you practical skills you can take back to your dojo and use in your training.

1:30pm - 3:30pm "Learn fight moves from kata" FOR ALL GRADES -

this class will look at fight moves from kata givin you a better understanding for your own technique. Apply your skills and develop your talent.

4pm - 6pm "Grading Class" FOR ALL GRADES -

attempt your next grade under the international assessment panel all grades from 8th kyu to 3rd Dan.

Important note: anyone attempting 4th kyu and above must attend at least one of the seminars as part of their assessment


Download booking form now!

(please click on the attachment at the bottom of the page)

Once you've selected the seminars you want to attend, please bring in to class along with your fee.

Or if you're from another club, please contact us about booking your place.

Remember places are limited so book early to avoid disappoinment.

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