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East London Advertiser

By Admin - Posted on 17 December 2008

East London Newspapers
138 Cambridge Heath Road
London, E1 5QJ
Telephone (switchboard): 020 77908822

" THE East London Advertiser has dominated life in London’s East End since its launch in 1866. Over the years it has been at the forefront of covering local news: the Jack the Ripper murders, Churchill’s siege of Sidney Street, the anti-fascist riots in the 30s and the indomitable Cockney spirit of the Blitz. Even to the present day, the IRA bombings in Docklands, the development of Crossrail and London’s Olympics’ site have all been presented in the fair and balanced way that has been the hallmark for the Advertiser’s journalistic style over the years. It is a style that has made the Advertiser the voice of the East End for 140 years. In that time the community of the East End has constantly changed and adapted as it acts as a melting point for the rest of London. The old London docks formerly acted as a gateway for immigration for Europe and Asia. The docks may have gone, but the East End’s multicultural community continues to grow and evolve and the East London Advertiser continues to grow and evolve with it. Archant is also the UK'slargest independently-owned regional media business. It is a community media company active in the fields of regional newspaper and magazine publishing, contract printing and internet communications. All its titles and web sites serve clearly defined communities, based around locations or interest groups.
The newspapers division, Archant Regional, produces four daily regional newspapers and more than 85 weekly titles with a combined circulation of three million copies every week. It is a UK top five regional newspaper publisher. You can find out more about Archant by clicking here - Archant "


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