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Team Kaizen don't do badly at all...

By Admin - Posted on 04 November 2008

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The Kaizen Ryu National Squad picked up 9 Gold Medals from the 6 representing squad members at today's Malympex World Championships in Stoke Mandeville Stadium! Notable performances came from all our competitors.

Molly Ullah totally dominated her kumite and convincingly beat her opponenets in kata, with Bassai Dai, to 2 first places.

Tyrone Briscoe won his division for kumite and entered in the division above, mixing in with lads nearly twice his size. He got a bronze in the division above. He also dominated his kata division to pick up another gold with Enpi.

Jack McAllister put into practise many things from Squad Training to beat all of his opponents to win his division for kumite. He also performed admirably to secure a bronze in kata with Enpi.

Vicky Phillips also won her kumite and excelled in the Black Belt Women's division to get 3rd in kata with an awesome Kanku Dai.

Marie Anonuevo competed in the same division as Vicky and won, beating the favourite; Nikki Sullivan from Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association (FSKA) who also performed Unsu. So, 1st place in Women's kata.

Indran Tanabalan defeated the black belts from the Bedford University Karate Team to get gold in kumite and beat, amongst others, a formidable Unsu from Ryan Overson (Shinboku Karate), like Marie, with his Unsu.

A small representation from Kaizen Ryu made a very big impression on the championship as a whole. Well done to our competitors! We're sure they would appreciate a pat on the back from their fellow students down at the club!

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