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BBI International Training Weekend - Bradford

By Admin - Posted on 26 November 2009

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Black Belt International Training Weekend

21st & 22nd November 2009


In the early hours of Saturday morning, bleary eyed and only just out of their Friday night Gi, four Karateka and two of their relatives set off on the 200 mile journey to Bradford. Indy Sensei, Marie Sensei, Chris Sensei, Tyrone Jnr, Pauline Briscoe and Fiona Seth represented the club at this year’s incredibly enjoyable event at the Hilton Hotel.


On Saturday, the three Instructors attended a series of Coaching seminars, digesting a lot of useful information, practices of which we were happy to see already being demonstrated in Kaizen Ryu. Whilst the Instructors soldiered on well past 4pm, Tyrone Jnr was enjoying the variety of workshops being offered in the gigantic carpeted first floor conference room. Tyrone felt "there were a lot of things to learn from all of the other styles of martial arts" and that learning from these styles can "make us a lot better in our own style". Tyrone attended workshops in Jujitsu, Wing Chun and American kempo.


On Saturday evening, we all attended the gala awards ceremony, with the men dressed elegantly in tuxedo’s and the ladies in dazzlingly beautiful dresses.  Before we were given a delicious three-course meal, awards and grading certificates were given out. Our Kaizen Ryu representatives came away with EIGHT awards that recognised their contribution to Karate and their club in different ways. This was an incredibly proud moment that left a few of us stunned and shocked, but extremely honoured.

Awards received:

Tyrone Briscoe Jnr - BBI Club Dedication Award

Christopher Seth - BBI Instructors Award, BBI Instructor of the Year & BBI Student Award

Marie Anonuevo - BBI Instructors Award

Indran Tanabalan - BBI Instructors Award, BBI Dedication to Martial Arts 15 years & BBI International Award


There were several VIP’s on the night including Chris Crudelli from BBC3's 'Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves'.


The night ended with a disco and young Tyrone ‘Jackson’ Briscoe showed us his moves are not restricted to just karate by ‘’boogying’ on the dancefloor. 


A welcome rest at the Holiday Inn Hotel left us prepared for a bumper Sunday full of more workshops. Ground fighting from the MMA Instructors was a fascinating workshop and certainly gave us some useful grappling tools to take away with us.  The awesome and flexible Chris Jones and Anthony Taylor provided a challenging workshop on ‘Acrobatic Kicking’. These talented guys who choreograph movie fight scenes put on a wonderful demonstration after providing step by step instructions on the butterfly kick and jumping spinning kicks, which only a few were able to master in the hour.


We left Bradford late Sunday afternoon for the long journey home having all enjoyed a truly entertaining and profitable weekend. Some of the many benefits were to learn new concepts in coaching and meet like-minded people in a common, Martial Arts environment. Having the chance to network and make new friends gives the Club more opportunities for its students. Finally, it’s always fun to dress up and enjoy a social evening together if only to see how well (or badly) some people can dance!


We all look forward to going back to Bradford again!

Written by: Chris Seth & Tyrone Briscoe Jnr