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Annual Awards

By Admin - Posted on 08 January 2009

Annual Awards 2008 (4)
13 Dec 2009 12:30
13 Dec 2009 14:30

Annual Awards 2009

At Kaizen Ryu we like to recognise and reward students for their efforts and commitment. 

This is an opportunity for the club to give something back, and for the students to train and see some high level karate with other karate-ka in a vibrant and exciting environment.

Also this year we will find out who the winners of the Jack Petchey Awards are and see how the Kaizen Academy for Sports Development has acquired funding for the club! You will also be able to let us know how you would like the Academy to support the club in the future!

As usual, we are going to start the session with advanced training and a few demonstrations before the awards are given out. So training and demonstrations, a great way to cap off your hard work this year and set you up for 2010!

To be held at:

Oaks Park High School

45 – 65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, Ilford, IG2 7PQ

Cost: £7.00 per person

To book in advance call 07743764234 or email us