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Donate and Fundraise to send local youngsters to Japan

By Admin - Posted on 21 April 2010


So what's the big deal?

The All Japan Karate Do World Championship is the toughest test for practitioners of our sport.

There are many tournaments but none offer the challenge that competing in Japan against the best in the World brings. This is our “World Cup”.

What's going to happen in Japan? First, training

The squad will train for 7 days with Tasaki Hanshi, the Vice President of the JKF Goju Kai, and Fujiwara Shihan, Vice-Chairman of the JKF Goju Kai. These men are instrumental in the standards of karate within Japan and the World. They have opened their doors to help the quality of karate increase globally. Our squad will be amongst a small international group of students (around 60 in total) who will all be representing their own countries. During this training week the squad will be taught intensively for 6 hours every day.

We then train for (those who are allowed) a further 2 days with the JKF technical committee, comprised from the top instructors in Japan (around 25 masters); again for 6 hours a day.

The skills and training methods the international students acquire will help raise standards around the World through them passing on their knowledge within their countries.

Next, the World Championships

The following 2 days are used for the World Championships.

Around 1200 competitors representing up to 28 countries from the ages of 6 to adult all do their level best to win their divisional gold.

The event is televised and is broadcast around the whole of South East Asia and satellite networks.

As stated, our squad will be representing Great Britain and will be fighting for divisional accolades for children and adults, boys and girls, men and women; spanning 38 categories.

Making it through the first “elimination” day to Sunday’s Finals is a massive achievement as only the top 8 from each category qualify to have a chance at gold!

"We hope to send all the athletes, but time is running out and we are desperate for funding," said Marie Tanabalan Sensei.

"We have had a number of fund-raisers which have helped, but there is a long way to go and any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have already had sponsorship help from Canary Wharf PLC, who have kindly bought our equipment and clothes and there are other opportunities to sponsor us."

How you can help

Those interested in helping the team can contact Marie on 07743-764234. Or e-mail the club at