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Summer Training Camp Itinerary 2015

By Admin - Posted on 10 July 2015

GASSHUKU 2015 (summer training camp)
SATURDAY - 11th July 2015                
6:00am   Bus pick up from MILE END station          
6:30am   Bus pick up from ILFORD dojo          
6:45am   Bus pick up from DAGENHAM dojo          
    To avoid holdups, please make sure you arrive at your local dojo before it's due to arrive.
    If you miss the bus, you'll have to make your own way. Or catch it at the next stop!
8:30am   Arrive at Mersea Oudoors, Rewsalls Lane          
    East Mersea, Colchester, Essex CO5 8SX          
9:00-9:30am Health and Safety Briefing            
9:30-11am Karate Masterclass ONE            
12noon-1pm Lunch                
1:30-3pm   Karate Masterclass TWO/mystery activity          
3:45-4:45pm Pool                
5:30-6:30pm Dinner                
7-8:30pm   Karate Masterclass THREE/mystery activity        
SUNDAY - 12th July 2015                
8am   Breakfast                
After breakfast Rooms must be cleared out before training          
10-11:30am Black Belt only session (everyone else training session)      
12 noon   Lunch                
1pm - 4pm Grading                
5pm Departure Departure from Mersea Outdoors          
6:30pm   Bus drop off at DAGENHAM dojo          
6:45pm   Bus drop off at ILFORD dojo            
7:15pm   Bus drop off at MILE END station          
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT NB: It's a good idea to have name tags on your clothes & uniforms + pocket money
  Sleeping bag & pillow              
  Karate uniform (Gi) or uniforms - it is a good idea to bring a spare uniform    
  Your belt!!                  
  Mitts and Pads                
  Casual clothes & Swimwear              
  Kaizenwear Club Jacket (if you've got one already)          
  Kaizenwear Karate T-shirt (if you've got one already)          
  Clothes you won't mind getting dirty            
  Towel & Wash kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)          
  Any medication (i.e. asthma pumps, etc.)          
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT                
  Sunblock (weather dependant)            
  Insect repellant                
Disclaimer: 1. Any valuables brought to the camp including games consoles are at the sole risk of the Student.
Kaizen Ryu Karate is not liable for any belongings lost, damaged or stolen.